Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's So Great About the Coke House?

Jen worked on the mittens until the wee hours(about 3:30)! And, Sunday we were greeted bright and early by Lisa and Jeremy, who had driven up from Portland in the night. We all got up and were ready to travel to Canada.

I drove my parent's car with them and Caroline as the passengers. Jeremy drove his car with Lisa, Jen, and Allison as passengers. I was excited and nervous as we got to the border. When we got to the agent at the crossing, he scanned all of our passports. Then he scanned mine again. Then he said, "please ask her to stop taking pictures of me." I looked back and saw that Caroline did have her camera in her hands. I asked her to stop. Then we were told we could go on through. We did. I parked the car at a visitor's area just inside Canada. When Jeremy caught up to us, that car gloated that they had received passport stamps! Ugh, I had forgotten to ask for them for our vehicle. Oh well, another time... We found our hotel, which was just a few miles across the border. Then, we were ready to begin our trek to THE OLYMPICS!

We drove to a park and ride at the very end of a monorail train system. It was pretty cool to just walk on and off the public trains there since we had a ticket to an Olympic event. We never had to show our event ticket, so I think almost anyone could have went on a free ride during the Olys (as I now refer to them). Mom, the super Olympic trooper, was walking with us, but was in a lot of obvious pain. Soon after we got off the train, most of us needed a restroom...this was the first time we would be looking for a restroom in The Upper Couv, but definitely not the last. A police officer recommended a great hotel bathroom. We found our way there.

Since it was Mom, Dad, Allison, and Caroline's only day at The Olympics, I really wanted them to get to do and see what they wanted. We spoke to a hotel worker who recommended The Coca Cola House as a fun place to go. Caroline used to really like all things Coke, and everyone else was on board, so it seemed like a good idea. Then, the cab driver (yes, we had shifted to taxis for ease, comfort, and speed), told us that he could not get us close to the Coke House.

At this point, Jen was off to pick up tickets for day two's hockey game. We sent Mom, Dad, Allison, and Caroline off in a cab to see the Olympic Cauldron instead of the Coke House, wah, wah. Jeremy, Lisa, and I waited for Jen to return to the hotel lobby. Then, we were going to follow in another cab. Well, this is where it got a little sticky. And, having forgotten my cell phone in the car at the park and ride really began to suck. Anyway, after some confusing communication, and even a call to the hotel lobby phone for us (good thinking, Jen!),we all converged at the Coke House. Yes, you read that correctly, we all converged at the Coke House. Whaaaaaaaaat? I should say we made it to the venue that housed the Coca Cola House. None of us ever made it inside. After waiting in line for 25 minutes or so, disposing of some gin treats (Lisa and Allison)at security, we all met inside the venue.
While we were waiting in the line, I decided to capture the 10 gallon hats on video. We eventually got close enough to see that the hats were made in Canada and then sold to the silly, fun, Americans!

The event venue was called Live City, of which there were several around Vancouver. The concept of Live City was good-- a free venue where there was music and other performances, food vendors, and in this case, the Coke House. But, for us, the execution was not great. The performers were preparing for later performances, and, obviously, we did not make it in to the Coke House. So, in answer to my title question, we'll never know what's so great about the Coke House. But, it looked pretty from the outside!
And, there was a lot of activity all around it! This was the Live City performance space.
You can tell how excited Jen was to be captured on video :)

The Coke House did make a fantastic backdrop for Jen and Caroline's posing! Super Sassy Pose! Super Spunky Pose! And Super Cheesy (I mean Super Skater) pose!

This is our first glimpse of a cute little Quatchi (one of the mascots). We stalked the mascots throughout our time in The Upper Couv.

Jen also stalked some humans. These are the Canadian police officers that Jen asked me to photo stalk for her...

We left Live City on a mission to go to the Irish House, which Mom had heard was super fun times. Mom is a trooper, and always up for a good time. But, she's not a huge fan of drinking or bars, so I was surprised how much she wanted to go to the Irish House. This leads to my next question, "What's so great about the Irish House?"

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evil cake lady said...

nice. thanks for telling the world that i was photo stalking the canadian police. in my defense, they were one good looking police force.