Monday, March 8, 2010

On the road again

To prepare for our Olympic experience I made some banners for us to wave at the events. I really do love curling, 'Montana' may have been a slight exaggeration.

We finally made it to February 19. We were all getting anxious to drive over to Seattle, pick up Caroline, and then head north. We packed and packed. Mom packed a lot of stuff...Allison and I tried to get it all in the car. We eventually did, but where was Caroline going to sit? Where would her bags go? Mom finally said, "don't worry about it. We'll get rid of stuff if we need to." As we walked to the car, I noticed that mom looked like she was in pain. I figured it was her neck and back stressed after packing.

So, I started driving. We got down the road about an hour and stopped for a restroom break. I stayed in the car. This time when mom approached the car, she could barely walk. She told me that she had hurt her leg when she was getting dressed, but didn't want to worry any of us. I was, officially, worried at that point.

I kept driving. Then Dad and Allison drove, and we made it to Bellevue. We actually arrived fairly early, so we were able to watch the Olympics on TV and relax.

Saturday morning we all slept in :) Then, we went to get Caroline in Everett. She had arrived the night before and stayed with a friend from Mariposa. We found Caroline and her two small bags (good job of packing light, Care). Caroline, Allison, and Dad loaded into the back seat with bags packed around them. I was driving with a backpack under my feet, and Mom was in the front seat with bags around her feet as well. We were a bit 'hillbillyish' but it all worked out. And, it was a fairly short trip up to Bellingham. Of course, we did have to make a side trip to the Dairy Queen in Sedro Wooley. None of us had ever been to Sedro Wooley (we've all been to a Dairy Queen), so it was a necessary detour! Hopefully, I will get Caroline's pictures to add to the blog sometime in the future.

Throughout the day I received text updates from Jen, who was on her way up on the train from Portland. She was busy on the train, finishing the last pair of mittens. Jen knitted mittens for all of us! and Lisa knitted hats for all of us! Such amazing knitters!!!

We made it to Bellingham and set up a little red, white, and blue pride area for Jen's arrival!

The knitters weren't the only ones working on projects. Allison was finishing up a project for an online beading class. For us non-beaders, the thought of an online beading class is completely intimidating!
We posed the Olympic binder next to the beaded bag reinforcing that online work can really be done from anywhere in the world.

Caroline got into the Olympic spirit with a special hat made from a windsock! Patriotic all the way!

Jen arrived and was more than happy to pose for the camera. She was practicing her figure skating moves.

And yet another figure skating pose. And, I'm not quite sure what Allison's pose was all about. It ended up being a bit like the Statue of Liberty...but doesn't his arm look a bit like a mannequin leg? funny that...