Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Ready

Once we had the tickets, we began planning our trip, including hotels and travel. Dawn and I looked at all of the websites for a hotel. It was pretty amazing to see the minimum prices ($350 or more per night) and the minimum stays (sometimes up to 28 days!). We considered staying in The States and driving up each day, but we were concerned about the border crossings and travel times. We reserved rooms for Sunday night and Tuesday night just across the border in South Surrey.

The months passed...Jen began really getting into the Vancouver 2010 website and everything Olympic and Vancouver. Sometime in that time, I began affectionately referring to Vancouver, B.C. as 'The Upper Couv' since Vancouver, WA is affectionately referred to as 'The Couv' around Portland.

In one of her forays into the website, Jen found a fan-to-fan forum for ticket sales, and we started thinking about Monday options. Jen got really excited and reserved a hotel, this time in Langley. If we were unable to get event tickets, we decided that we could just hang out in The Upper Couv.

When I got back from The Dominican Republic in December, there was a special package waiting...Olympic Tickets!

Aren't they beautiful?


and bobsleigh...

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